CNC Folding

The 2 identical 6 axis Trumpf Trubend are capable of folding accurately up to 3,100 mm in length. They both have 120 tonnes of pressure. Our range of tool selection enables us to design and create simple parts all the way to complicated folding precision components.




LPE Ltd benefits with state-of-art Trumpf TruBend 6 axis folding machines ,using these machines complex components are now easily formed to a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

Both machines are cost-efficient, simple to operate and have well designed controls. They also, have a choice of tool clamping systems, high positioning accuracy due to 4 cylinder drive and each component is programmed using internal computer and configurable to our customer’s specific requirement. LPE Ltd is confident to guarantee a CNC folding process which can bring 2D design to reality in 3D and allows repeat custom with professional precision.

Technical Data TruBend 3120
Press Force 120 tonnes
Bending Length 3110mm
Width between columns 2690mm
Max. table/beam distance 432mm
Usable installation height 347mm
Throat 420mm
Operating Height 1000mm
Inclination of Beam +3mm
Y rapid 200mm/s
Y working 10 bis 18mm/s
Y return traverse speed 180mm/s
X axis 500mm/s
R axis 250mm/s
Z axis 1000mm/s
Technical Data TruBend 3120
Y axis position accuracy 0.01mm
X axis position accuracy 0.05mm
R axis position accuracy 0.1mm
Y axis stroke 200mm
Travel path X axis 600mm
Max. gauge area in X 880mm
Travel path R axis 320mm
Control T3000
Connected load 23 kVA
Oil capacity (approx.) ca. 200l
Length x Width 3600 x 1750mm
Height 2330mm
Weight 8300kg

Typical Applications

The TruBend 3120 is primarily designed for the production of parts with the thickness between 1 to 15 mm. The size of components is particularly common in production of transportation, electronics, automation and electrical equipment. The compact size, speed and low energy consumption of the TruBend 3120 ensures their highly cost effective production.

  • Automation
  • Transportation
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Architectural
  • Coming from a machining background LPE Ltd notices the importance of tight tolerance of folding.

  • Excellent folded components; Some of the finest folds I have ever seen.

  • Your delivery time - which was critical to this project was OUTSTANDING!!!

    Robert P Aerospace

The TruBend 3120 is suitable for achieving precise results every time. Using these machines LPE Ltd benefits from precision guaranteed by optimal press-force transfer using patented 4-cylinder drive frame and simple, vertical tool loading.

Key Features
  • Segmented manual clamp with hexagon socket
  • Quick clamp; segmented manual
  • Pneumatic clamp of one piece
  • Segmented pneumatic clamp

Frequently Asked Questions

What thickness/ length can you fold?

We’re able to fold 3 meters in any material up to 5 mm thick, including: 6 mm = 2.3 meters 8mm = 1.7 meters 10mm = 1.3 meters 12mm = 0.8 meters and 15mm 0.5 meters

What is the internal radius that can be achieved?

Our standard knife tool will give 1mm internal radius. We also have 4 and 10 radius tooling available . Other radius can be achieved.

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