Trumpf TruLaser BrightLine Fiber Has Arrived

 In Laser Cutting

We’re pleased to announce the purchase of BrightLine Fiber 5030. The machine consists of an automated nozzle changer and all cutting data for a smooth cutting start. The new machine is able to cut the following thickness.

  • 25 mm Stainless Steel
  • 25 mm Mild steel
  • 25 mm Aluminum
  • 10 mm Copper and Brass

The BrightLine Fiber 5030 supports LPE Ltd’s confidence in the precision engineering sector that lies in the heart of the UK’s manufacturing capability. As a home a wealth of advanced technology, thanks to the BrightLine Fiber 5030 LPE Ltd have managed to produce precision engineered products that constitutes to a significant proportion of the UK’s exports.

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